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These are the chronicles of a book addict, a photo junkie, and an aspiring author, rewriting the very fabric of reality one page (and one snapshot) at a time. From the strange to the unusual; the abandoned to the abnormal; the haunted to the historic; the supernatural to the surreal; the forests of dark fantasy, the cemeteries of gothic horror, and the post-apocalyptic ruins of science fiction are the landscapes of my imagination.

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Scarecrows by Brick Marlin (GUEST POST)


An object, usually made to resemble a human figure, set up to scare birds away from a field where crops are growing.
• informal
a person who is very badly dressed, odd-looking, or thin.
• archaic
an object of baseless fear*.

*(Internet definition of scarecrows)

Scarecrows not only frighten crows and sparrows, their glowing silhouette under a moonlit night portrays an eeriness to any passerby’s. Almost as if the artificial humanoid would detach itself from its wooden cross and began lurking around in the field. Since movies, made for television and cinema, have been developed about this odd, man-made creature it has helped surface fear for the viewer . . .



Please click through to read Brick's entire post, and check out his latest release!

Source: http://beauty-in-ruins.blogspot.ca/2015/09/scarecrows-by-brick-marlin-guest-post.html