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These are the chronicles of a book addict, a photo junkie, and an aspiring author, rewriting the very fabric of reality one page (and one snapshot) at a time. From the strange to the unusual; the abandoned to the abnormal; the haunted to the historic; the supernatural to the surreal; the forests of dark fantasy, the cemeteries of gothic horror, and the post-apocalyptic ruins of science fiction are the landscapes of my imagination.

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The Spectre of Undeath by Peter Welmerink (GUEST POST)


Why does this whole zombie apocalypse thing appeal to us while often times scaring the beejeezuz out of us?

I was recently playing a 1-day video game demo of DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE, a zombie FPS (first-person shooter). I won’t go into the whole game setup or plot (because I just started it and am just going with the—blood—flow), but I started in the hold of a ship that is in peril. Klaxon alarms going off. Captain yelling over the intercom ABANDON SHIP. My character is by himself, only a crowbar in hand (that I found), and has to make his way up out of the hold and off the ship. The powers off except for the emergency lights and flashing red warning lights. All the big metal doors between rooms are sliding, grating on their hinges. Strange sounds are coming from the whole ship…though one cannot tell EXACTLY what they are . . .



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