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These are the chronicles of a book addict, a photo junkie, and an aspiring author, rewriting the very fabric of reality one page (and one snapshot) at a time. From the strange to the unusual; the abandoned to the abnormal; the haunted to the historic; the supernatural to the surreal; the forests of dark fantasy, the cemeteries of gothic horror, and the post-apocalyptic ruins of science fiction are the landscapes of my imagination.

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Breaking Myths and Religious Fables by Kristi Charish (GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY)


Like most authors out there I loved stories from a very young age, particularly myths of the Eastern European variety (thank a Ukrainian heritage and monsters that actually eat the children). One of the things I loved about the myths (besides the fear induced from cannibalistic witches eating children) was how they would morph and change depending on the author or even the country/region the story originated from. In a lot of ways, myths and legends are tapestries that reflect the distinct population and community who are doing the telling . . .


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