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Horror Review: The Moon in Your Eyes by Adrian W. Lilly

The Moon in Your Eyes - Adrian Lilly

Sometimes you just crave an old fashioned horror story, a literary excursion into the literary equivalent of a slasher flick or b-grade monster movie. You know the majority of characters won't make it out alive, but you're anxious to see just how each of them meets their demise.

The Moon in Your Eyes is one of those stories. Adrian W. Lilly weaves a story in which a group of strangers set out for a few days of technology-free hiking and camping. Their reasons for being there range from court order to new age nonsense, and from adventure to nostalgia.

Lilly takes a few pages to introduce the characters, and then gets right into the carnage. It's a fun, frantic, bloody story, with the monster fiercely front-and-center. There's no doubt or mystery here, just a desperate attempt at survival. What ultimately makes it stand out, however, is the entirely surprising series of twists in the final pages.

At 50 pages, The Moon in Your Eyes is perfect for a quick read in the dark of night.

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