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Legends of Darkness (Remnants of Life, #1)

Legends of Darkness (Remnants of Life, #1) - Georgia L. Jones While intriguing, and with enough moments of inspired darkness to keep me curious, Legends of Darkness (Remnants of Life, #1) was a tale that never really grabbed me.

The concept was an interesting one, and I quite liked the transformation of Samoda from average mother and everyday wife to bloodthirsty warrior. The fact that her refusal to let go of her past life had very real consequences for those around her was a nice touch , and probably what kept me reading. In some ways, her struggle reminded me of Thomas Covenant . . . although she was far easier to like, even if she lacked his tragic depth.

For a paranormal fantasy, however, this was a very heavy tale, owing as much to the style of telling as to the themes within it. Georgia L. Jones is a very descriptive writer, laying out each scene in almost painstaking detail. The sheer amount of detail made the story drag for me in many places, as did the short, almost jagged sentences, and the scarcity of dialogue. I found it hard to find a flow, or to get into a rhythm with the story, although readers who like to be immersed in the details will likely appreciate the style.

The romantic elements definitely carried more weight than I expected, which may increase the story’s appeal to fans of the genre, but I’ll admit to being impatient for more action. There’s definitely an interesting story here, with a strong character to lead it, but the narrative could have benefited from being whittled down.

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